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Best K Cup Coffees

Keurig K-Cup Reviews and Ratings

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Flavored K-Cup Ratings

Sometimes regular coffee can get boring. That is why flavored k-cups were invented. Vanilla, chocolate, coconut, even peach and blueberry flavors are all available for your Keurig single serving coffee machine. Please leave your rating and review of any of the coffees listed below that you have tried. Help us find the best flavored k-cups.

RankK-Cup CoffeeRating
1Chocolate Glazed Donut K-Cups by Donut House
2Swiss Chocolate Almond K-Cups by Gloria Jeans
3Cinnamon Pastry K-Cups by Timothys
4Pecan Praline K-Cups by Van Houtte
5Southern Pecan K-Cups by Green Mountain
6Fair Trade Wild Mountain Blueberry K-Cups By Green Mountain
7Island Coconut K-Cups by Green Mountain
8Chocolate Almond K-Cups by Van Houtte
9Hazelnut K-Cups by Gloria Jeans
10French Vanilla K-Cups by Timothys
11Spiced Mayan Chocolate K-Cups by Van Houtte
12Cinnamon Roll Coffee K-Cups by Donut House
13Hazelnut Decaf K-Cups by Gloria Jeans
14French Vanilla Supreme K-Cups by Gloria Jeans
15Creme Caramel K-Cups by Van Houtte
16French Vanilla K-Cups by Van Houtte
17Mocha Nut Fudge K-Cups by Green Mountain
18Raspberry Chocolate Truffle K-Cups by Van Houtte
19French Vanilla Decaf K-Cups by Green Mountain
20French Vanilla Iced Coffee K-Cups by Green Mountain
21German Chocolate Cake K-Cups by Timothys
22Hawaiian Hazelnut K-Cups By Wolfgang Puck
23Caramel Vanilla Nut K-Cups by Timothys
24Creme Caramel K-Cups By Wolfgang Puck
25Butter Toffee K-Cups by Gloria Jeans
26Mudslide K-Cups by Gloria Jeans
27Hazelnut K-Cups By Dunkin' Donuts
28French Vanilla K-Cups by Dunkin' Donuts
29The Perfect Peach K-Cups by Green Mountain
30Creme Brulee K-Cups by Van Houtte
31French Vanilla K-Cups by Green Mountain
32Hazelnut K-Cups by Timothys
33Hazelnut Dark Roast Extra Bold K-Cups by Green Mountain
34Irish Cream K-Cups by Timothys
35Hazelnut K-Cups by Van Houtte
36Kahlua Original K-Cups by Timothys
37Vanilla Francaise K-Cups By Wolfgang Puck
38Caramel Vanilla Cream K-Cups by Green Mountain
39Hazelnut K-Cups by Green Mountain
40Macadamia Nut K-Cups by Van Houtte
41Cappuccino K-Cups by Gloria Jeans
42Hazelnut Decaf K-Cups by Van Houtte
43Irish Creme K-Cups by Van Houtte
44Hazelnut Decaf K-Cups by Green Mountain
45Hazelnut Decaf K-Cups by Timothys

About Flavored mobile porn K-Cups

Nearly every c lesbian porn offee company that produces k-cups puts out a few flavored options. The most popular flavor by far is French Vanilla, followed by various different types of chocolate and nut flavored varieties (Hazelnut being very common). The trick to a good flavored coffee is that the flavor needs to combine well with the natural flavor of the coffee, but also work in balance with the coffee. You don’t want the flavor to be so powerful as to drown out the coffee, but you also want to be sure you taste it prominently. This is a delicate line to walk, and the best flavored k-cups do it brilliantly.